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ABQ GWEers Push for 100% Solar!!!!

Why does 100% Solar Matter? 

Allison (3rd grade)

I feel sad because kids’ futures are not going to be as good.  If we can get laws written, maybe when we grow up we can have a better future and our kids can have a better future so people in future generations don’t have to suffer.

Jaylene (4th grade)

(Global warming) matters to me because I have family that lives in other countries and so do other people. It makes me sad to hear that natural disasters are getting bigger.

Gabriela( 4th grade)

I feel mad when I think of cutting down trees because trees give us something that a lot of people don’t notice. …When trees breathe in CO2 there is less Global Warming.  If we stop cutting down trees we will have clean air and lessGlobal Warming.

Emily (3rd grade)

One big thing I’ve learned is that anybody can make a change no matter how young they are.”

The GWEers are a pretty passionate bunch and they turned their sadness into action:)

GWEers in the after school program at Reginald Chavez Elementary School in Albuquerque will not settle for less than 100%. That was there decision when they heard that their school had been solarized. They decided to write a letter to Tony Sparks, the ABQ Public Schools Energy Conservation and Sustainability Manager.

Here is what they wrote:

.….We were all surprised that there were solar panels on the new building.  
We would be interested in talking to you about getting solar panels on the main building.  We would like to know how much energy the school uses so we can know if the current solar panels reach our goal.  
 Thank you.
The Global Warming Express
Jaylene, Gaby, Ithalya, Emily, Beth, Johnny
Their Goal is to have 100% solar power for their school. Not 50%, not 80%100 percent.
Let’s see what Tony Sparks has to say…