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GWE goes to the Legislature

Four years ago, Marina Weber, then age 9, gave her first speech at the Press Conference, introducing the Global Warming Express and her thoughts about climate change. 4 years later, Marina introduced the next generation of GWE Climate Activists, 8 of whom spoke,delivering speeches for the very first time.
After the Press Conference, the GWEers attended a special training by Sierra Club Executive Director, Camilla Feibelman, to learn how to talk with legislators about bills that they might or might no be supporting and to explain to them what they (the kids) think about the issues.Chiocchio_20160129_069 copyChiocchio_20160129_411Chiocchio_20160129_296Chiocchio_20160129_108Chiocchio_20160129_050Chiocchio_20160129_433Chiocchio_20160129_408Chiocchio_20160129_348Chiocchio_20160129_312Chiocchio_20160129_301Chiocchio_20160129_069 copy